Stay Over 

by choreographer Amandine Vighi and Mauro Remiddi

The performance explores the concepts of dreams, trance and rest as a tool for liberation.

Emilie Boyard filmed the open reherasal at their residency in south of France (August 2023), you can watch an extract here.

To listen to the music on Bandcamp click here.


Moonbird is a video opera, an hybrid piece that blends cinema, videoart and music.
With the direction by visual artist and film director Ra di Martino.
Original libretto & music by Mauro Remiddi 
With Silvia Calderoni & Manfredi Beninati.

The piece is exhibited in different contexts: as a live performance with live music & video projections. As a video art work is been shown in exhibitions at Merzt Foundation in Palermo & Bologna’s Museum Of Modern Art  ‘MAMBO’.

The live performance ‘Moonbird Variations’ is an immersive and contemporary opera piece where the music brings together neo-Baroque themes and abstract electronics with drum machines and voice manipulation.

The projections and the music will lead us in a journey through the story of Moonbird, an honiric creature that appears and hanimates the villa of a man that decided to cut all ties with the outside world.

Listen here

Sound Shadows

Sonic Borderlines & acoustic interplay

By definition an ecotone is  region, a zone of transition with no sharpe boundary.

Sound has a different notion of border compare to architecture (which is fixed and built).
Sound’s borders are unfixed, ethereal, vibratory. Sounds spill, permeate, cross boundaries and transgress borders.

Sound Shadows in an ongoing project investigating the urban’s sonic ecotones.
Focusing and documenting specific sites where different sounds coming from near by areas, intertiwine and  balance eachother out creating a ‘natural composition.’

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MASMAS is a collective started in 2021.
Mauro Remiddi (voce, modular synth), Simone Alessandrini (guitar, sax, FX) and Simone Pappalardo (live electronics, DIY instruments) met in Rome and started recording, improvising around the song format.
Their main practice is to manipulate and re-sample sounds, also investigating the theatrical aspect of it.
MASMAS is collaborating with BLIVET collective for the light show and scenography.

Listen here

I had the desire to hear Maria Callas voice out of its natural contest.

By stretching and morphing her voice, eliminating the meaning of the text, 
I wanted to find the blind spot where language finally dissolves, calling everything into question again.