MAS is the new project of Mauro Remiddi, Simone Pappalardo & Simone Alessandrini.
They met during a residency at the Mattatoio in Rome (May 2021). Coming from different backgrounds, the three musicians’s approach to the live set is raw and immediate, sounds are played, re-sampled, then manipulated, juxtaposed and stripped of all points of reference.

Simone Pappalardo : Live electronics
Simone Alessandrini: Sax and electric guitar
Mauro Remiddi: Voice, modular synth.

Listen/free download here

I had the desire to hear Maria Callas voice out of its natural contest.

By stretching and morphing her voice, eliminating the meaning of the text, 
I wanted to find the blind spot where language finally dissolves, calling everything into question again.


Collaboartion w/ director Derrick Beclham 

"FABLE" is an evening-length production set in the sprawling 60, 000 sq. ft of the Knockdown Center in Brooklyn (NY).
Features music written and performed live by Mauro Remiddi, Blonde Redhead, Julianna Barwick, David Moore (Bing & Ruth), Skyler Skjelset (Fleet Foxes, Beach House), Sarah Neufeld (Arcade Fire), Prince Rama, Hannah Epperson.

(Watch trailer here)

Crestline Morning Improvisation

I lived in Crestline (California) for a year and inspired by the stunning panorama one morning I decided to set up my instruments on the deck to film my modular synth/organ improvisations.

Directed by
Manolo Remiddi

(Watch here)

Porcelain Raft project w/ eMusic

eMusic teamed up with Porcelain Raft's Mauro Remiddi to document how New Yorkers react to his new album, Strange Weekend. The short film captures the reactions of unsuspecting pedestrians randomly hit by strains of the track "Picture."

(Watch here)